Susan Turk TWC

I know that writing saves lives because it saved mine. Through writing I gained the clarity and strength I needed to leave an abusive situation. My newfound freedom allowed me to find my calling: bringing the life-changing power of writing to others. After becoming a certified Amherst Writers & Artists creative writing workshop facilitator, I traveled to Malawi to offer workshops in schools and villages. I was struck by how encouraging voice led to the expression of such awesome vitality. Leading and participating in AWA workshops in San Francisco, New York, Boston and Toronto, I witnessed how transformational it can be when people discover the creative treasures within themselves. I wanted to bring this process to those who would not otherwise have the ability to access such a supportive creative forum. This desire led me to found the Toronto Writers Collective in 2012. It is a privilege to play a part in providing workshops that touch lives and celebrate voice. Together we discover dignity, build confidence, and cultivate language. Please come and join us!

Dedication: To Pat Schneider
The Toronto Writers Collective would not exist without the inspiration of Pat Schneider, founder of the Amherst Writers & Artists method. Her passion for those who have been denied voice because of poverty and other systemic barriers motivates everything we do. Learn more about Pat Schneider.