Our Story

We serve by celebrating authentic voice—the innate creative genius in every person—through exploratory writing together.

In the beginning…

Susan Turk-Mozer, Founder of the WCC
Susan Turk-Mozer, Founder of the WCC

WCC was established as the Toronto Writers Collective (TWC), a non-profit corporation, in 2012 at Toronto’s toughest homeless drop in. Where those forgotten had nowhere else to go. Our Founder, Susan Turk-Mozer, desired to give voice to those voiceless. She was deeply inspired by her experience with the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) Method and its founder, Pat Schneider. In Susan’s own words:

“I know that writing saves lives because it saved mine. Through writing, I gained the clarity and strength I needed to leave an abusive situation. My newfound freedom allowed me to find my calling: bringing the life-changing power of writing to others.

“After becoming a certified AWA creative writing workshop facilitator, I traveled to Malawi to offer workshops in schools and villages. I was struck by how encouraging voice led to the expression of such awesome vitality. Leading and participating in AWA workshops in San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Toronto, I witnessed how transformational it can be when people discover the creative treasures within themselves.

“I wanted to bring this process to those who would not otherwise have the ability to access such a supportive creative forum. This led me to found the Toronto Writers Collective in 2012. It is a privilege to play a part in providing workshops that touch lives and celebrate voice.”

As we grow and evolve…

In 2018, the organization became a recognized charity. In 2020, we rapidly pivoted and expanded to virtual workshops. In 2021, we rebranded as Writers Collective Canada to reflect the growth of our mission and demand for our offerings.

As of July 2021, WCC has a network of more than 250 trained volunteer facilitators and more than 100 partner agencies throughout Canada, and has touched over 4,200 writers engaged in over 25,000 workshop experiences. We are forging new connections and bridging isolation for writers across the country and beyond.

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“What happens in a WCC workshop? Magic is the word we often hear. Words from those who are surprised by the depth of their creativity seem to spring from an unknown source. Poets are discovered. Buried voices, long without vitality, return to life. Dreams are conceived. Lost individuals often connect deeply.” – Susan Turk-Mozer, Founder, WCC