Become a Program Partner

Celebrating diverse perspectives in spaces of dignity, courage, and respect for all writers.

WCC’s work and impact is amplified through the support of our many program partners who deliver WCC workshops to their constituents. We are always seeking new partners and would love to speak with you about how WCC’s unique writing workshop methodology can enhance the mission of agencies, community partners, and organizations like these:

Agencies & Organizations

We work with government, private, and public entities that serve diverse members of their communities. These agencies provide spaces to host WCC workshops, and their own staff may become trained WCC facilitators. These are just a few of the Agencies WCC works with: Family Councils of Ontario (FCO), Metropolitan Toronto Movement for Literacy (MTML), Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and others.

Community Partners

We work with volunteer-driven or public-service community centres and community support services. These partners provide spaces to host WCC workshops tailored to their members, and their own staff can become trained WCC facilitators. Just a few examples of Community Partners we work with include: Mind Forward, LOFT Transitional Age Youth (TAY), Centretown Community Health Centre (CCHC), Mood Disorders Ottawa (MDO), Progress Place Clubhouse, and others.

How to Partner

WCC partnerships are undertaken only with the consent and support of WCC National Office.

To partner with WCC for the benefit of your community, members, or staff, please reach out to