Our Testimonials: What Others Say About TWC:

The TWC has been a tremendous aid to supporting our members with their self expression as well as finding their voice.  With the workshops, they have the opportunity to share their creativity in a welcoming, supportive and safe environment.  The structure of the workshops creates an accepting atmosphere. Members who struggle with isolation have been able to use their artistic expression and social skills learned from the groups and incorporate these in their recovery.  We are very grateful for the impact the TWC has provided for our members here at Friends & Advocates Peel.

Emelyn Rozas – Intake and Support Worker

I am differently abled. I hadn’t written in over 3 years. I am now a published author. I attended the March/April 2019 workshops held by the Toronto Writers Collective at the Main Street Library. By the end of the year, I had composed 108 poems. I was accommodated by TWC facilitators allowing me to participate and go on to be published on the TWC website, leading to inclusion in the “Front Lines” Anthologies, and being published on the Toronto International Festival of Authors website. Kindness takes courage, it matters how we treat others. TWC truly welcomes all comers. Kudos to my facilitators and the entire organization.

With sincere thanks,

Chris Kerr – author 

“… I was so proud of our Mustard Seed group and I know how thrilled they all were with their accomplishments. When I heard those voices yesterday and thought about what the writers have been through, I felt the real impact of what we are doing in TWC. It’s humbling to have a small part in this incredible healing process.”


Maxanne Ezer, TWC facilitator – Mustard Seed

“Finally people are listening to me…
… It’s a chance to write. It’s a chance to be heard. It’s a chance to be critiqued without having to be worried about being cut down… It’s very important to encourage someone – to get them to start and get confident and get more and more and faith in themselves and their words… It’s new to me to have the confidence to go out – to write – to share my writing. Writing is what I want to do – Writing is what I seem to do well. It’s what I enjoy.”

Ken Rosser, workshop participant and TWC workshop facilitator

'TWC workshops via Zoom during the lockdown were a real life-saver for me. It was hard for me to keep all of my thoughts inside, especially during the first days of the quarantine. For me it was like therapy to get together online, to listen to other writers' stories and to share my own. I felt recharged and inspired after the workshops. Thank you for all your hard work which you put into organizing each and every workshop!'

Marina Burke – author

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