TWC Program

“… by writing I rescue myself under all sorts of conditions…” William Carlos Williams

The goal of our workshops are to honour all voices regardless of economic class or educational level. To have a writer’s story received as important can result in someone who may for the first time believe in the value of his or her own words.

Trained workshop facilitators provide prompts (poems, quotes, exercises) to inspire creativity. Participants are encouraged to read their work but they are not required to. Feedback is positive and supportive. Facilitators write and share their stories along with all participants. There is no hierarchy in our workshops. All writing is confidential and treated as fiction creating a safe writing place for all.

In an atmosphere of respect and acceptance participants discover the value of their own stories as well as those of others. In addition to writing, listening is an emphasized skill. Not only is each participant entitled to be deeply listened to, they too listen to others and provide positive feedback.

The writing workshops encourage empowerment, education, and community building.