Aldonna Stremecki

Volunteer Facilitator

Aldonna Stremecki (she/her)
Toronto, Ontario

Aldonna is both the WCC Special Projects Associate and a volunteer facilitator. Beginning as a volunteer in the springtime of 2021, Aldonna has facilitated many public virtual workshops, including a special writer’s craft series. Currently she facilitates on-site at Anishnawbe Health Toronto and WoodGreen Community Services.

Reflecting on her journey as a volunteer facilitator, Aldonna shares: “To be a part of a WCC workshop is to feel the magic of being ‘held’ by a community of writers in this beautifully brave and egalitarian space, where under a warm, protective blanket of fiction, we tell our stories, and sometimes for the first time, feel heard and supported. Less alone. I am so grateful that we – as facilitators – write too! This experience has profoundly shaped how I (try!) to engage with family especially: as a deeper listener!”

Professionally, Aldonna taught Drama, English, and French for over 30 years in Toronto and, as Head of Drama, produced plays in each of her years. In her free time, she enjoys theatre and dance, reading, traveling and hiking, and spending time with her wonderful family and friends.