Shelley Lepp

Volunteer Facilitator

Shelley Lepp (she/her)
Toronto, Ontario

“Before every workshop I feel a flutter of nerves and anticipation wondering what stories will come alive, what voices will emerge, what new perspective I will gain, what I will learn about the world around me and what I will discover about myself in the process. I can’t think of any other place or space like it.”

Shelley began as a WCC facilitator in April 2018, before joining the WCC staff as Co-Executive Director in 2019, and Chief Executive Officer in 2024. Facilitating on-site and virtual workshops, Shelley collaborates with a diverse range of partner agencies and communities such as Toronto Public Library, Fred Victor Housing, True Patriot Love, and Compassionate Ottawa.

“I live in Toronto and am so blessed to have my dream job serving as WCC staff. The rest of my waking hours (and some of my sleeping ones too) are spent driving and chasing after my four kids (3 teens and a toddler) who ensure regular plot twists.”