Steve Elliot (he/him)

Chapter Lead - Peel Region

Steve is an entrepreneur who lives in Mississauga.  He works with youth and professionals in helping them find their voice.  Steve enjoys the creative writing process and the deep writing that emerges from the WCC sessions.  He started as a participant in sessions held at the Central Library and soon was facilitating sessions. In his work as Peel Lead, Steve is looking for groups and facilities to grow the WCC.  Steve believes in the power of the transformative writing that emerges from the WCC writing sessions. 

The father of 2 boys, Steve enjoys being a dad and watching his boys grow and develop into young men. His favourite author is Ian Fleming and one of his recent favourite books is Tommy Wilcox and the Liar’s Paradox by Michael Ksiezopolski, a local author, Steve enjoyed the humour and creative story.