Volunteer Facilitator

Wrecks has been a WCC facilitator since 2017. He first engaged with WCC as a writer through Fred Victor.

Wrecks has said, “There was a time when I could have been considered a loving father, a faithful spouse, and diligent employee, and an active member of the community. Alas, all that changed when I was rudely confronted with the reality of mental health. Trauma defined my life choices and equally destroyed any proper social response.”

Through WCC workshops Wrecks has been able to explore and elevate his powerful artistic voice. “Today, life could not possibly get any better. Every day seems better than the last … I find myself dazzled by the beauty of it all.”

Wreck’s writing has been published in WCC’s Front Lines anthologies and he has performed it on stages with the Art of Time Ensemble and Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA).