2022 Year of Leadership

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In 2022, the Writers Collective of Canada (WCC) expanded its leadership in arts-health on several fronts, including for the impact of our program.

Other areas of leadership include:

Fundraising: We increased our funding budget by 30% in 2022 through strategic application of public and private grants and optimization of partnerships.

Governance: We expanded and diversified our Board of Directors to nine men and women in 2022 and revised our Board Governance manual.

Strategy: All staff engaged in a strategy session to align every aspect of our work with vision, mission, and goals. At year-end, we took stock and planned for the future.

Talent: Our staff doubled in 2022 and we engaged experts in corporate governance; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); brand stewardship; and IT strategy.

Thought Leadership: We are recognized as leaders in arts-health delivery and regularly share best practices with other organizations.

Find out about key milestones we reached in 2022.

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