Jane And Finch

Categories: Our Perspectives

By: Michael Koo


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I am from the fires

Of Jane and Finch

From the mist of wet concrete

And urine


I am from a sex soaked bed

From whip and a wail

From castration to salvation

From the shores of death by Loblaws


My head rings with anger

My head aches with tears

My hands are stained

In white sauce


I am a disgrace

I hide my disgrace

I hide my pain

I smile

The smile

That they want


I bow to the gods

And castrate the babies

That were not born

On our side


I am fire

I am Righteousness

Sacrifice your

First born

Before my wallet






TV – emptiness


Capitalism fails me

I offer only good

What can you lose

My people


You have only suffered

You have no joy

You have no happiness

You cower in the shadows

Of my personal pain

Of the terrors

Of people

Who walk with knives


My people

Who live in my head

Weep and gnash

For tomorrows yet

To come.

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