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Happy New Year, writers!

At the beginning of a new year, we’re asking ourselves: why do we write?

We write because inside each of us there is, quite simply, a writer. There is a story — a voice — which deserves to be heard. We write because we’re alive, our hearts beating fiercely, and we have something to say about it.

For the past decade, our community has shown us, again and again, what that means. Together, in WCC workshops, we have built a brave space where all are welcome — to share, to grow, and to ignite our authentic voices.

We write because, together, we empower every voice, celebrate every story, and change the world. It is a great privilege to enter another new year with you, writing in community.

Jumping into 2024, we invite you to check out “Listen To You”, written and read aloud by Wrecks Ricardus (WCC facilitator and writer).

As we pause to wonder why we write, Wrecks’ piece answers emphatically: “I heard the help offered and accepted it as offered. As the story goes, I survived.”

Why do YOU write? This month, we welcome you to tell us, in words, why you write. Why do you write? What does writing mean to you?

Write to the prompt “I write because…” and share your reflection with us via email (prompt@wcc-cec.org)! We would love to hear from you.

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WCC Team

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