A Piece By Richard Trus

Categories: Our Perspectives

By: Richard Trus

What do we hear when we hear the wind

The door closed, the world left outside

then came the wind.

For twenty two days the only sound

was the wind.


Snow piled to the eve’s of the cabin

carried by the wind.

The windows rattled with every breath

taken by the wind.

The dogs ears perked at every howl

of the wind.

The wood stove glowed and roared by consuming the

bellows of the wind.

The tree’s rattled on the cabin walls

pushed by the wind.

On the twenty third day – it was calm

The wind had grown tired,

the wind had grown old.

The wind died down

leaving nothing but cold.

What did this north wind say

in those twenty two days.

More secrets to life,

then one’s willing to say.

Good night, good wind,

thank you, for the conversations.

In the solitude of the day

you took my breath away.

For now. I wait to hear

what next, you have to say.

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