A TWC Reflection By Doug Grundman

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TWC sessions are always the same and yet always different. Each write stands alone as a moment in time, an opportunity for all of us who sit around our table a chance to discover, to express, to find a place of respect and value and a sense of validation.

Each time we pick up our pens, we begin a process, familiar yet so full of possibilities. With 10 minutes to write and a shared piece of inspiration or prompt, we begin, never really knowing where our written words will take us.

As a facilitator, the experience of sharing is truly an honour I get to live, every single week. As an “open site”, several of our writers are not residents of Fred Victor Housing. Our group is dynamic and we have found as the weeks pass, a sense of trust and comfort continues to grow.

Our room offers each individual an opportunity to be heard without negative judgment or even worse, feeling ignored. Written words shared only provide positive feedback that values voice and pain and hope and caring. Sharing and respect, a sense of someone listening, is repeated with sincerity when each writer reads.

I have been a TWC facilitator for two years and have found that each week brings all who participate a unique sense of belonging. The sense of calm, of warmth and memory stay with us as we find ourselves looking forward to our next TWC session.

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