Write About Nightlife

Categories: Our Perspectives

Nightlife means waking up at night and trying to get it right.

Stumbling for the shower, stopping to smell the flower, as I get into the bathroom to shit, shower, shave.

Then I start to do my make-up as I pull out a cigarette, getting dressed up to apply my trade.

Walking down the street looking for me to meet a car, one pulls to a stop.

I think it might be a copbut I jump into his car.

When finished I go to my bar after a couple of drinks meeting a couple for some kinks.

Feeling like I am in control off to what I call the stroll.

Go home to get high as the night passes me by.

Wake up the next night just to see the sight

Interesting what one person sees in the light.

So don’t be ashamed to look in the light, shaking my ass, only to get that cash!

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